National Online Quiz

The Online Quiz ignites the incessant thirst for knowledge that remains latent in most of us, and then to set about quenching that thirst, with a vast array of questions designed to suit your every intellectual need. Padarth brings you the National Online Quiz to enhance awareness and interest levels related to happenings in world of Science. So leverage yourself and stand out as a winner in this online quiz.

Prizes worth: INR 10,000/-


  • The quiz starts at 6:00 PM on 12th Feb, 2017 and runs until 11:59 PM on 12th Feb, 2017
  • You are supposed to enter valid contact details. We reserve the right to disqualify you in case your contact details are found to be incorrect
  • The maximum time allowed for each candidate is 60 minutes, a timer starts right after you start your quiz and the interface closes as the 60 minutes are completed
  • Before beginning the quiz, make sure you have a good internet connection. if you close, press back button or refresh the quiz in between due to any reason your score wont be recorded
  • You can skip a question but wont get an opportunity to attempt it later, so be careful about what you skip!
    Also you cant change the answers of questions once you click next.
  • In case you change your tab during the quiz, we will be notified and you will get disqualified. (your score will not be recorded)
  • There will be five categories of questions (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Metallurgy and Aptitude) with eight questions in each section. (8 x 5 = 40 questions). Each section carry equal weightage.
  • There are only multiple choice questions in each section, with only one correct answer.
  • Top three candidates will be awarded with prizes and they will get an e-mail from us regarding the same.
  • Judging Criterion
    • Total marks

For any queries contact:
Pooja Doifode | | +91-9004513404
Tanisha Sinha | | +91-9021553891