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A fest is only as good as the publicity it gets to spread the word. We are going to provide you with posters and you have to ensure that every student in your college is updated about the events that are going to be conducted during the fest through these posters


It is the participants in the fest that makes a fest successful. The main job of a CA is to find talented people and get them to participate. The students in your college will be given a good opportunity to showcase their talents.

Social Media

Social Media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. As a CA, you’ll have to make sure that every event, competition is shared on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform you get your hands on. Just make sure we are heard


  • Campus Ambassador of the Year

    INR 2000/-

    The ‘Campus ambassador of the year’ will be given to the person who will give his best in executing on ground publicity of Padarth through posters and on social media platforms. He/She will always have to be in touch with the core team and give his updates regarding the progress of the publicity in his/her college

  • Letter of Excellence

    Top 5

    ‘Letter of Excellence’ will be given to the top 5 campus ambassadors who will perform all the roles and responsibilities of a CA and will manage to bring as many participants as he can from his/her college.

  • Free T-Shirts

    Top 10

    Free T-shirts will be distributed to the top 10 campus ambassadors’ who will give their best for doing publicity in their college and bring students from his/her college

  • Certificate of Appreciation

    ‘Letter of appreciation’ will be given to all the campus ambassadors for being a part of Padarth 2017 as a CA. Hope to see you at the fest. :)